When it comes to problems say constipation or incontinence or even something as painful sex or vaginal discomfort, there is women’s pelvic floor physiotherapist, who can help relieve symptoms. With the potential in physical therapy for pelvic floor health, there are potential benefits that are expected when treatment plans are implemented with continuous sessions.

Explained about Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

    Primary Vaginismus - The primary is when the woman has pain every time something has entered the vagina, that includes penetrative sex or has never been able to insert a tampon or pain during gynaec examination This is also known as primary vaginismus.

    Secondary Vaginismus In this type, a woman has had penetrative sex without pain before, but then it becomes painful and difficulty to penetrate also known as acquired vaginismus.

Know about Primary and Secondary Vaginismus
Know the symptoms of Vaginismus

    These symptoms are not under women’s control and has to be treated with women’s pelvic floor physiotherapist.

    Causes of Vaginismus are the fear, anxiety, and stress which comes with having sex. Yet there are always cases with sexual intercourse only and none with a tampon or other situations. Other health problems can also be a problematic cause, that can be simplified and treated with a doctor.

    Vaginismus Diagnosis & Treatment

    The diagnosis usually done with taking history, addressing the symptoms and with pelvic floor examination and tolerating measurement for the pain.
    With the vaginismus considering treatments, there are exercises that are taken up with the women’s pelvic floor physiotherapist, that can help you regain muscle control and relax the muscles near the vagina.

Information about Vaginismus Diagnosis & Treatment

Symptoms & Causes of Vaginismus

Get to know about symptoms & causes of Vaginismus

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