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Our integrative non surgical treatment approach is highly successful in maintaining wellness and treating chronic pain and illness.

Pelvic Health physiotherapy
  1. Bladder problems - Including urinary urgency, frequency, leakage, difficulty in emptying bladder, urinary retention, post catheterization urinary issues.
  2. Bowel problems - Increased bowel urgency, frequent passing of gas, post colorectal / piles surgery fecal leakage, some types of constipation.
  3. Sexual dysfunctions - Pain while sexual activity.
  4. Pelvic pain - Tail bone / coccyx pain, pubic symphysis pain, pain in genitalia, bladder pain, and rectal pain.
  5. Pelvic organ prolapse - Feeling of pressure / heaviness in pelvis.

Pelvic health in women

You are not alone.

Comprehensive Physical Therapy

The above statistics are overwhelming as many women suffer from pelvic floor disorders, yet for most the disease goes unnoticed and untreated. But now help is available .

Pelvic Health in Men

Following are some common pelvic floor issues we treat:

Pelvic health in men

Men’s pelvic health covers many diagnoses you probably don’t talk about with your buddies. You may have heard women talk about Kegels, but, although the anatomy is different, men actually have the same basic musculature .

Discussing Men's Pelvic Health with Physiotherapist

Conditions we treat:

Pelvic health in children

Pelvic health in normal child is not talked about much since it is considered a social stigma . It requires a good cooperation from child and parents in order to get fast results. Common urinary issues associated with pelvic floor weakness in children are bed wetting, urinary incontinence (enuresis) , giggle incontinence , post catheterisation urinary issues child’s obesity related pelvic floor weakness, pelvic pain related to pelvic injury or fracture and perineal scar ( post burn ). Constipation in children- because of unhealthy eating habits .

Pelvic Health in Children

Some pelvic floor issues are seen after surgery which include:

Orthopaedic conditions

Orthopaedic Conditions in Humans

Treatment available for -Neck pain , Shoulder pain , Tennis /Golfer elbow, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Trigger finger , Low back pain ,SI joint pain , pubic symphysis pain , tail bone/ coccyx pain ,Sciatica ,buttock pain , knee pain , ankle sprain, planter fasciitis, upper and lower limb fracture rehabilitation, pre and post surgery ACL /PCL rehabilitation, Post surgery rehab for Total knee replacement-TKR, Total hip replacement (THR), osteoporosis .

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