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"A healthy outside starts from inside" - Robert Zurich

Our goal is to return you to optimal health as soon as possible

Optimal physio health for everyone - Dr Leena Daware

After taking your detailed history (which takes 30 min) of your problem, the physiotherapist will first counsel you and then educate you about pelvic floor .

She will perform a complete musculoskeletal assessment of the trunk (spine), abdomen and pelvis, lower limbs including pelvic floor muscles and will work with you to set goals and develop your personalized treatment plan that may include-

  • 01. Pelvic floor muscles coordination training
  • 02. External and/or internal manual stretching
  • 03. Pain relieving treatment
  • 04. Stretching and joint mobility exercises
  • 05. Abdominal and core strengthening
  • 06. Postural retraining and safe body mechanics with daily activities
  • 07. Bladder/ bowel retraining
  • 08. Dietary modifications
  • 09. Life style changes and behavioural retraining - Practice of Yoga , meditation
  • 10. Home program often starting after your first visit
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