What Are The Symptoms Of Vaginismus?

July 05, 2022 |
The Symptoms Of Vaginismus

When some women try to get intimate, their vaginal muscles contract on their own or keep doing so. The word for this is vaginismus. The cramps can stop people from having sexual relations or make them very painful.

Vaginismus is when a woman's vaginal muscles squeeze or spasm when something like a tampon or a penis goes down. It can range from being a little bit annoying to being very painful.

Causes of Vaginismus

Vaginismus can cause physical and physiological issues. There are several factors that contribute to Vaginismus such as anxiety disorders, childbirth injuries, vaginal tears, prior surgery, fear of sex or negative feeling for sex due abuse, rape or any past experiences.

Symptoms of vaginismus

1. Pain When Putting In a Tampon.

When something is put in the vagina, women with vaginismus often feel a burning or stinging pain.

2. Fear Of and Anxiety about Sexual Penetration

Vaginismus can cause other problems, like fear of vaginal penetration and less sexual desire because of that fear. Dyspareunia means painful urination, tightness, and pain that may burn or sting.

The main sign of vaginismus is that the vaginal muscles tighten independently, but the severity of the condition varies from woman to woman. In all cases, a tight vagina makes it hard or impossible to get good penetration.

3. Severe Pain during Sex

Another main symptom of vaginismus is painful sex, which is often the first sign that something is wrong. Even though the pain from intercourse often goes away after penetration or an attempt at penetration, this is not always the case.

Many women say the pain feels like their penis is on fire, under pressure, or like it is stuck. Vaginismus can also cause bleeding in women. However, being uncomfortable is not just about being sexual. Most people feel pain or discomfort when using a tampon or having a pelvic exam.

4. Generalized Muscle Spasm during Attempted Intercourse

Pain can be mild, moderate, or severe, and it can feel anything from a little uncomfortable to like fire. However, professional antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy is the best solution. Vaginismus does not stop people from getting sexually aroused. Still, it can make them nervous about sex and not want to have sex or be penetrated.

A person with vaginismus can still have an orgasm from clitoral stimulation while being sexual. The condition does not stop this ability; only penetrative sex is. On the other hand, some people with vaginismus have other sexual problems, like trouble getting an orgasm.

Facts about vaginismus

  • • There are many kinds of vaginismus, and the symptoms can differ for each person.

  • • Pain can be mild or very bad, which will make you feel different things.

  • • Vaginismus can be caused by either emotional or medical issues or by both.

  • • Most of the time, the vaginismus cure works. It includes both physical and emotional exercises.

Sexual problems can hurt relationships. Taking action and getting help can be very important if you want to save your marriage or relationship. You might feel more at ease if you talk to your partner about how you think and your worries about getting intimate.

You can get help for vaginismus from your doctor or antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy.

Seeing a sex therapist for treatment sessions could be helpful. Using lubricants or taking on certain positions during sexual activity can help make it more comfortable.

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