Type, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment for Vaginismus

January 09, 2023 |
Type, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment for Vaginismus

Although sexual health is a crucial component of overall health, much neglect to confront problems with it because of prejudices or the shame associated with specific disorders. A person's mental wellness may also be directly impacted by their capacity to accept and enjoy their sexual inclinations. There are most prevalent Pain During Sex for women is called vaginismus, and it can cause the muscles around the vaginal opening to tighten continuously and uncontrollably when having sex. However, these diseases can significantly impact a woman's relationships and daily life.

What is Vaginismus?

The muscles surrounding the vagina stiffen or contract uncontrollably. A component of the female reproductive system is the vagina. It joins the body's exterior to the cervix, the bottom portion of the uterus. When something tries to enter the vagina, such as a penis, finger, tampon, or medical device, involuntary muscular spasms take place. The cramps could be merely annoying or very painful.


Vaginismus is classified into two types:

1. Primary Vaginismus: This type is present when vaginal penetration has never been accomplished.

2. Secondary Vaginismus: This sort of vaginismus occurs when vaginal penetration was once accomplished but is now impossible because of things like gynecologic surgery. Some women experience vaginismus after menopause due to the decline in estrogen levels and the difficulty, discomfort, or impossibility of sexual activity due to inadequate vaginal lubrication.


Vaginismus sometimes has an explanation. The condition has associations with the following:

1. Previous sexual assault or trauma

2. Previous harmful interactions

3. Emotive components

Sometimes there is no apparent cause. Your doctor will conduct a physical examination, inquire about your sexual and medical history, and diagnose.


1. Sex Therapy And Counseling:

Learning about your anatomy and the processes involved in sexual arousal and intercourse is a common component of education. You will also learn more about the muscles that are engaged in vaginismus. You could attend counseling by yourself or with your partner. You might feel more at ease during sexual activity using hypnosis and relaxation techniques.

2. Vaginal Dilators:

Your physician or therapist might advise you to seek expert guidance while utilizing vaginal dilators. Vaginismus Treatment Near Me aids in stretching and enhancing the flexibility of the vaginal muscles. Your spouse can try to have sex again after finishing the course of treatment with a set of dilators.

3. Physical Therapy:

If you struggle to use dilators, ask a friend or family member to recommend a pelvic floor, physical therapist. They can assist you by discovering more about using dilators and studying deep breathing techniques.

Summing it up:

From the above mentioned, Vaginismus Cure is a great idea to incorporate pelvic floor strengthening exercises into your daily routine to give these muscles a workout and improve your general health. Finally, schedule a visit with your doctor if your symptoms prevent you from doing your usual business or seem to be worsening.

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