A Brief Guide To Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

February 11, 2022 |
A Brief Guide To Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

What Is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is one of the most common problems that people face. However, most people refrain from sharing about the same due to the lack of comfort.

The weak pelvic floor can lead to major problems such as pelvic organ prolapses. Many research states that around 30-40% of women are affected by pelvic floor dysfunction.

Early recognition of pelvic floor dysfunction can enable one to seek professional help and overcome the problem.

Issues with the pelvic floor have a considerable impact on the quality of your life. It tends to take a toll on emotional as well as mental health.

Pelvic floor dysfunction is the inability of the individual to control, relax and coordinate pelvic floor muscles.

The inability to control pelvic floor muscles leads to several issues such as constipation, stool leakage, pelvic pain, frequent pee, straining to defecate or urinate etc.

A pelvic health physiotherapist can help you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and support your pelvic organs.

Their professional help and assistance enable one to control the bowel movement and alleviate pelvic pain.

Common Problems With Pelvic Floor Muscles

• Urinary Frequency:

Tight pelvic floor muscles may have a drastic impact on your urinary frequency too.

IIt can constantly make you feel the urge to empty your bladder or bowels or may feel incomplete evacuation bowles.

• Sexual Pain:

When pelvic floor muscles are too tight, one may feel acute pain during intercourse.

The tight muscle may cause discomfort during penetration.

• Constipation:

The difficulty in coordinating and relaxing pelvic floor muscles can lead to incomplete bowel movements, and one may experience pain while bowel moments and feeling of incomplete evacuation.

• Pelvic Pain:

Poor health of pelvic floor muscles can be one of the biggest reasons for frequent pelvic pain.

Seeking the aid of a professional Pelvic pain physiotherapist can enable one to relax the pelvic floor muscle and reduced the pain.

• Vaginal Prolapse:

Vaginal prolapse occurs when pelvic floor muscles and ligaments are weak and are unable to provide adequate support to the uterus.

Thus, the uterus drops and protrudes out of the vagina. This is commonly experienced few months after normal vaginal delivery.

Symptoms Of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction In Women

• Pelvic pressure

• Pain with sexual intercourse

• Lower back pain

• Painful urination

• Pain in the pelvic region

• Bowel leakage

• Constipation

• Vaginal prolapse

• Pain in lower pain

• Difficulty in emptying your bladder

Symptoms Of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction In Men

• Pelvic pain/tailbone pain

• Weak urinary stream

• Abdominal pain/ache

• Penile pain

• Low back pain

• Testicular pain, groin pain, and/or hip pain

• High urinary frequency

• Extreme pain - in pelvic area, perineum, urethra, penis

• Pain during or after ejaculation

• Constipation

• Pain with bowel movements

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a therapy that strengthens your pelvic floor muscles to support your pelvic organs. It assists in overcoming your pelvic problems.

Pelvic floor physiotherapist in Mumbai uses the right combination of pelvic floor exercise, manual therapy and education to offer a perfect treatment plan as per your medical condition.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is that evaluates your whole body, including spine, abdomen, lower limbs and then decides the treatment plan as per your complaints.

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